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dhyānaध्यान は脳波をリアルタイムで計測し,脳波の乱れ具合を足裏の電気刺激と,背面に投影される一円相で表示するプロジェクトである.体験者は電気刺激のフィードバックの強さから,自らの脳波の乱れを知り,より深い瞑想を目指すことができる.観察者は投影される一円相の完成度の様子から,体験者の瞑想の度合いを知ることができる.一円相の完成度が高いほど,体験者の脳波安定している.


dhyāna ध्यान is a project that measures brain waves in real-time and displays the degree of disturbance of the brain waves by electrical stimulation of the sole and a single circular phase projected on the back. The person who experiences can know the disturbance of his brain wave from the strength of the feedback of the electrical stimulation on his/her sole and can aim at deeper meditation. The observer can know the degree of meditation of the person who experiences from the state of perfection of the projected single circle phase. The higher the degree of completion of a single circle phase shows the more stable the brain waves of the person.

The data created on this project is being published on GitHub.


Hiroki Kaimoto, Yukihiro Morita, Keisuke Nohara, Hibiki Yamada

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