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Propagation of Presence

Hiroki Kaimoto, Yasuaki Kakehi 
Special Thanks: Hidemaro Fujinami, Keisuke Watanabe


Propagation of Presenceは,波面のように動くインタラクティブなライトインスタレーションです.この作品では,レイリーのすだれ等として古くから知られる方式に基づき,先端にLED光源のついたスティックが等間隔に多数並べられたベルトを用いてその場に立体的な波面を作り出します.個々のスティックの傾きや動きは,ベルトを通して横へと伝播して多様な形・大きさの波となります.

Propagation of Presence is an interactive light installation that moves like a wavefront. Based on a method long known as Rayleigh's blinds, this work uses a belt with many sticks with LED light sources at their tips arranged at equal intervals to create a three-dimensional wave surface on the spot. The tilt and movement of each stick propagate horizontally through the belt to create waves of various shapes and sizes.
This work's experience is that waves are interactively generated in response to the viewer's movements when a viewer stands at the edge of the belt. The waves propagate in both directions if two people stand at either end. In this day and age when we are forced to be conscious of our distance and relationships with others, this work provides an opportunity to feel the presence of others and the environment through the exchange and viewing of waves that physically propagate through the field and to regain a sense of physical communication.

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