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​気配のふるまい (Acts of presence)


Yuchi Yahagi, Kanako Aota, Naoto Oshiro, Akiyoshi Onishi, Hiroki Kaimoto, Hitomi Kuboki






We live in an age of freedom for communication. We can meet and experience things we never had before through the Internet. We have realized that we can connect with people regardless of time and place.

However, our situation may have become inorganic spaces from which only the minimum necessary elements have been extracted. For example, can we share the sensation of having people next to us or the atmosphere created by the surrounding environment, such as light and wind?

This work considers what we have lost online by amplifying the atmosphere created by people and the environment.

The system allows users to interact with water currents accessed online by speaking out loud. By enabling people to access each of the three water streams online, the work creates an online interaction with neighbors through the movement of the water streams and their existence.

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